A Podcast is Born

I started a podcast with my dear friend Mr. Fifty-Five. This was something I had been brooding over for a little while, and after we were able to discuss it face-to-face a couple of months ago, it finally began to take form. Impressions in Motion was born.

The podcast is chiefly about film, but we are very open to discussing a variety of topics and don’t want to limit ourselves in any way. Me and Mr. Fifty-Five have been friends for over a decade, so I feel there’s a lot of camaraderie and fluidity in our conversations, and I hope that comes across in the recordings.

The name of the podcast is a rather cryptic play on words. Impressions in Motion refers to the format, where we share our opinions on the fly with little preparation. I arrived at the word ‘motion’ through motion picture, so it’s also a subtle reference to the overriding topic of the podcast.

It began as a fortnightly affair, but has become more of a three week occurrence. Each episode tends to range from an hour to almost two, but we’re working on pushing these more towards the former. Generally, we open with a discussion about what we have been watching recently, and then talk about recent cinema releases. From there, things open up a little. We aim to have a topic of conversation every episode, and will offer our personal experiences, stories, and thoughts.

At the moment, we’re available on YouTube and SoundCloud, with myself curating the YouTube page, and Mr. Fifty-Five taking care of the SoundCloud side. We’re also available on iTunes, and I’m happy to look into getting download links and alternative websites if that’s something people are interested in. I have also added a podcast link to the top of my blog for easy access.

We’re still in the early stages, and have seven episodes out thus far, altogether totaling over eight hours in runtime. If you have any tips, criticisms, or advice for us, then please do get in contact or leave a comment.

Also, in terms of my blog, this podcast will be replacing the monthly rundown I did from January 2016 until April 2017, titled ‘Watched This Month,’ but movie reviews and all the other regular stuff will still be posted here.

Please enjoy the show and stay tuned for lots more this year!

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