Morning, Roo is home to film and manga discussion, including reviews, detailed analyses and unusual musings, with a dash of poetry on the side.


[ Film ]

Since becoming spellbound by The Fellowship of the Ring at the turn of the century, film has been a foremost passion. Today, I keep up with as many pictures as I can—both mainstream and independent, domestic and international—and have a particular interest in Japanese cinema, which was the subject of study during my postgraduate education. Alongside critiques, I compose a yearly top ten of my favourite flicks.

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[ Manga ]

Despite never having actually played the games, VN adaptations Da Capo and Utawarerumono became a gateway into anime for me in 2006, which led to an awareness and ultimately a love of manga. With interests ranging far and wide, from shoujo to seinen, sci-fi to romance, and one-shots to sagas, I write a range of reviews and analyses, discussing content, form, and anything in-between.

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[ Haiku ]

After having a poem unexpectedly published at the age of 13, the art has manifested as a bit of an experimental hobby. From writing rhyming poems at a young age and then dabbling with free verse pieces, I eventually found an affinity with haiku, falling for work by Basho and Issa. My own haiku capture snippets of quotidian English life. Other favourite poets include William Blake, Ron Padgett, and Kenji Miyazawa.

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