Welcome to Morning, Roo — a solitary place home to a film obsessed writer (because we definitely needed another one of those)! Like most others, this blog is an avenue for self-expression, but I don’t want to take it too seriously. I write simply because I enjoy it, but if you happen across my pieces, I hope they’ll entertain and inform you.

I adore films (obviously) and have a passion for Japanese and South Korean cinema. I’m also a lover of music and a sporadic reader of both novels and manga (the title of this blog is a reference to a delightful collection of literature), but I won’t waffle on. Thank you dearly for stopping by and I do hope you’ll pop in again from time to time.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Thanks so much! I adore Mamamoo. I need to drop you much praise, too! I’m a huge fan of Yu Aoi, and I’ve followed your blog for ages. You’ve helped me out so much over the years with all the Yu-related news and info! So, thank you! I only recently saw you were on Letterboxd… I had to give you a follow! ^^


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