House of Cards Season 3 – Trailer and Speculation

Yesterday, Netflix released the trailer for House of Cards’ third season… and it’s mind-blowing. For those out of the loop, I suggest you stop reading now (avoid the spoilers), head over to Netflix and binge on the first and second seasons of the phenomenal, Fincher helmed, political thriller tour de force that is House of Cards.

For those up to date and dying from anticipation waiting for season three, here is the trailer and some minimal, yet popular speculation.

00:09 ~ Frank and Remy in the situation room; Remy looks to be Frank’s new chief of staff, replacing Doug.
00:12 ~ Three U.S. military deaths; likely what triggers the tension with Russia?
00:14 ~ The person next to President Underwood appears to be Terry Womack; perhaps now Vice President Womack.
00:45 ~ The absence of Doug kills much of the hope many audience members have regarding his fate. On IMDb, a character named Gary Stamper is listed in the credits for S03E01; likely a relative for a potential funeral? Frank is seen at a cemetery at 00:07 and at 00:31 Claire appears to be at a morgue. Is she identifying Doug’s body?

Episodes for Season 2 were released at midnight PST, which is 8:00am GMT. Season 3 is likely to follow suit, so make sure you have no other plans on February 27th!

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